TDC Annual Awards 2004, Interactive Design, Judges' Special Prize :
Tsutomu Mutoh
2004 Award Winners


These experimental pieces are examples of typographic expressions that can be achieved based on the subtractive process, one of the principles of color composition. They are born out of my attempt to directly generate dots, which determine the texture of printed material by using computer-based techniques instead of traditional photo engraving processes.
They are also represent part of my practical experiments conducted to discover a formative language that can connect electronic media with paper media by, for example, searching for ways in which the concept of "dynamic time" an important element for designing interactive expressions on electronic media can be translated onto paper media.

Tsutomu Mutoh

Graduate of the Visual Communication Design Department, College of Formative Arts at Musashino Art University.
Currently a fellow at the International Media Research Foundation. Mutoh creates designs for electronic and paper media that transcend the boundaries between computing and graphic expressions based on what can be called the "handiwork" of computer programming. These designs can be viewed at Mutoh's website at