TDC Annual Awards 1990, Members' Bronze Prize: Shin Matsunaga


1990 Award Winners

Poster for Dai-ichi Shiko Co., Ltd.
"1990 CROSS"

The "X" (read 'Cross') is a multiple-purpose gallery opened in Nihonbashi to provide a communications base for corporations. I personally named this gallery for its "cross-over" nature - a theme that eventually evolved into the "X" or "Cross." This is the last of the "X" poster series printed during the five years since the gallery opened.

Shin Matsunaga
Born in Tokyo in 1940. Graduated from design course of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1964. After working in the advertising division of Shiseido Co., Ltd., established the Shin Matsunaga Design Inc. in 1971. He was selected for the 1986 Mainichi Design Award; Gold Medal and Prize of Honor at 12th International Poster Biennale in Warsaw; Award from Minister of Education to recognize prominent new artists in 1991. He has had shows in Warsaw, Yugoslavia, New York and Belgium. Many of his works are in the permanent collections at 36 museums in the world including Museum of Modern Art, New York.