TDC Annual Awards 1990, Members' Gold Prize: Toshifumi Kawahara


1990 Award Winners

CG Works "Dancing Sony"
"In Search of Muscular Axis"

In Search of Muscular Axis was developed right from the start for the 1990 SIGGRAPH Film Show. Demonstrating the physical beauty of the body with abstract and figurative, body-builder representations of the four letter X, Y, Z, and O, changes from pipes to muscles, and back again to pipes showed the software's capacity for handling object transformations over inhomogeneous topologies. Taking object motions as bone movements, body surfaces were controlled through their relations to the "bones." Capacities for generating fine wrinkles on surfaces under transformation and for controlling the flexing of musculature were also demonstrated. At the time Dancing Sony was made, the most common use of computer graphics in corporate advertising was "flying" logos. We used our own distinctive technique to express simply yet strongly Sony's corporate policy of achieving originality in the audiovisual world.

Toshifumi Kawahara
Born in Kyoto in 1950. After graduated from Kanzei Gakuin University, completed master course (M.A.) of design division in the University of California Los Angels (UCLA). Worked as assistant on teaching and research in Video and CG Division of UCLA. Become freelance in 1980, and Representative Director of Polygon Pictures Inc. in 1983. Employing new technology such as computer graphics, he achieves new visual communication in fields of film, design, art, entertainment, education and so on.