TDC Annual Awards 1990, Bronze Prize: Kei Matsushita


1990 Award Winners

Posters for Yokohama Hightech Printing Co., Ltd.

High technology can only become what it was meant to be by interacting with people. In this piece, I arranged images of people intertwined with the letters "Y," "H" and "P" to visually represent the corporation's philosophy - "Think People First."

Kei Matsushita
Born in 1961 in Yokohama. After graduated from the design course of Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music in 1985, completed its master course in 1987. Joined "Close-up of Japan in Sao Paulo in 1995." Awards he has received include: the 1st National Culture Festival Toyama '96 International Poster Exhibition Prize, JAGDA New Comer Award, ADC Award and so on.