TDC Annual Awards 1990, Silver Prize: Alan Chan


1990 Award Winners

New Year Card for Hong Kong Seibu Enterprise Co., Ltd.

The work is an opulent design for Seibu's 1990 Chinese New Year of the Horse Card, different Kanji characters for "horse" from ancient Chinese calligraphy supported the Romanised spelling of Seibu, neatly uniting East and West in one greeting.

Alan Chan
One of the few self-taught graphic designers in Hong Kong who has achieved international recognition. During his 27 years in advertising and design, he has won over 400 local and international awards. His company was selected by the Graphics Press in New York as one of the Ten Best design firms in the world for 1996. In 1994 and 1997, he was invited by the American Film Institute and the Society for Environmental Graphic Design as guest speaker in Hawaii and San Francisco respectively.