TDC Annual Awards 1991, Members' Bronze Prize: Tetsuya Ohta


1991 Award Winers

Book Design for Kodansha Co., Ltd.
"Architectural Politics As Seen In Competitions"

"Architectural Politics as Seen in Competitions" consists of 7 volumes. It is a collection of competitive architectural and city-planning proposals, dating from the 19th century to the present time. This is a truly ground-breaking collection of about 1800 illustrations from 52 important architectural competition submissions, which played a formative and pioneering role in the architectural field worldwide. Even the binding of this collection is unique. The volumes come with "patched covers" that are made by stitching together different materials, such as vinyl leather and cloth. The pages fold out on one side for each item, to add accent to the flow and give each piece of architecture a sense of depth. Measures were taken to replicate, as much as possible, the relationship between paper and ink as it must have been in earlier times. This is a collection that everyone will enjoy.

Tetsuya Ohta
Born in Nobeoka in 1941. Graduated from the Kuwazawa Institute of Design in 1976. After working in the Ikko Tanaka Design Studio, established Tetsuya Ohta Design Studio in 1975. Exhibitions : "CI of Japanese Companies" in 1985 at Matsuya Department Store, "Diagram" at Ginza Graphic Gallery in 1991. Awards he has received include: Ministry of International Trade and Industry Award of the National Cover Design Concours in 1991, ADC Award and Hiromu Hara Award in 1992 others. He is a member of JAGDA, JTA, International Typography A. Type 1.