TDC Annual Awards 1991, Members' Gold Prize: Katsumi Asaba


1991 Award Winners

Non-commercial Posters
"Exhibition of Katsumi Asaba's Latest Work"

For the Second Tokyo TDC Exhibition - " Passionate Asia and Her 89 Typedirectors," I featured 22 different Asian scripts in my work. Among these, there was one mysterious script that particularly fascinated me. This unique pictographic system, or the "Nakhi pictograph script," is still used in ceremonies by the Nakhis, one of the minority tribes of Yunnan Province, China. Who are these people? What do they look like? How do they use this script? My curiosity about these images would not leave me and eventually, I found myself in China, accompanied by a prominent linguist, gathering information from the Nakhis. I transformed this script into the artwork that won the award in the exhibition. In addition to the Nakhi script, I also incorporated the Yi script, which is still used by the Yi tribe of Yunnan and Sichuan Provinces to publish a daily newspaper, and the Xi-Xia script, which had been lost beneath the sand for 800 years, to make a series of 3 scripts.

Katsumi Asaba
Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1940. Established Asaba Design Co., Ltd. In 1975 after working at Light Publicity Ltd. Among his clients are Suntory, the Seibu Department Stores, the Seibu Saison Group, Takeda Chemical Industries, Nissin Food Products Co. He is the chairman of the Tokyo TDC, a committee member of Tokyo ADC, the director of JAGDA, a councillor of Japan Table Tennis Association. With JAAC Special Selection as a start, he has a number of awards, including JAAC Prize Yamana Prize. He worked as art director in the film "Sharaku" which was released in February 1995.