TDC Annual Awards 1991, Gold Prize: Kotaro Hirano


1991 Award Winners

Symbol & Logotype
"Salute Company"
"Saison Group"

The emblem of our designing office. The initials "M" and "R" are shaped into a rabbit. "La Playa" is a Mexican restaurant. Its emblem and logo are based on images of Mexico, such as the cactus and the sombrero. "Music Today" is a music festival directed by the late Toru Takemitsu. We created an emblem using red lines that negate the notes, in order to express a new realm of music where the art is free of conventional concepts. When I work, I always try to clarify the client's image concept and express it in ways that are simple and easy to relate to.

Kotaro Hirano
Born in 1959 in Tokyo. Became freelance after working for Nippon Design Center and Nakahata Advertising Office. Studied under Painter Genichiro Inokuma from 1998 to 1993. Awards he has received include: Silver Prize of Design Forum '81 Competition, 2 specially selected works in Social Welfare Advertising Section of the 49th Mainichi Advertising Design Award in 1982, JAGDA New Comer Award in 1992, New York ADC Silver Prize and Merit Prize etc. His works include collection as Lahati Poster Museum, Warsaw Art Museum, German National Museum of Applied Art.