TDC Annual Awards1992, Bronze Prize: Freeman Lau


1992 Award Winners

Symbol & Logotype
"Prime Publishing Co." "Hing Yick Development Ltd." "Chex International Sales Ltd."

Prime Publishing is a non-profit making publisher which centralised its production in the subject of Buddhism. Their publications are distributed to the public of mutual interests. The design concept of the logo is a composition derived from a bodhi-leaf and the Chinese character for print. The leaf is a holy representation in the hearts of the believers, its natural heartshape and extended length of the tip symbolises a continual widespread of belief and philosophy behind Buddhism. The graphic and geometric treatment of the characterfor print depicts the concrete and stable printing and publishing business - and enterprise of scientific and modern technique. The contracting effect of the leaf and the character also projects an interesting visual impact.

Freeman Lau
Born in Hong Kong in 1958. Graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic in 1981. Jointed SS Design & Production in 1982. Established "Freeman Lau Design & Associates" and takes Art Director in Kan Tai-Keung Design & Associates in 1989. Became the vice-chairman of Hong Kong Designer Association in 1992. His awards include: Silver Award in the "International book Design Exhibition" Leipzig, the Apple Distinction Award, the Gold Award in the HKDA Design 1990, CA Award 1992. URL (Hong Kong Designers Association):