TDC Annual Awards1993, Bronze Prize: Katsunori Aoki


1993 Award Winners

Posters, Symbol & Logotype for Okamoto Inc.
"Skinless by Okamoto"

I came across a typeface two years ago and I fell in love with it. Since then, I have always wondered how I could use it when the chance came along. How could it be used in combination with other elements by changing the typesetting? It may sound easy but it take some doing because, depending upon the contents to be expressed, I have to change the typesetting or add something new. Anyway, as long as I can have fun doing this, I would like to try all sorts of things with it.


Katsunori Aoki
Born in Tokyo in 1965. Entered Sun-Ad Co., Ltd. In 1989. JAGDA New Comer Award in 1993.