TDC Annual Awards1995-96, Members' Silver Prize: Katsunori Aoki


1995-96 Award Winners



Mark and Logotype
Hiromichi Nakano Design Office Co., Ltd.

I was very surprised to win this award - I truly had not expected it. The logo for Hiromichi Nakano is a project I have worked on over the past several years. Last year I produced many variations and I think my effort in creating so many variations to be incorporated in a single overriding theme has worked well for me. I chose to follow this path as designer when I first became attracted to type faces. My intention is to hold on to what originally inspired me. I hope to produce the kind of art work that will merit more prizes in the future.


Katsunori Aoki
Born in Tokyo in 1965. Entered San-Ad Co., Ltd. in 1989. Award he has received include: JAGDA New Comer Award in '92, Tokyo TDC Bronze Prize in '93, Tokyo ADC Prize in '95.