TDC Annual Awards1995-96, Silver Prize: Hiroshi Yonemura


1995-96 Award Winners



Annual Book of Seibundo Shinko Sha
"TCC Advertising Copy Annual TDC 95"

1995 was such a turbulent year-a hundred years from now people will be still be talking about it. It was the year I realized, as a person working in advertising and also as an individual getting on with his life in society, how much all these social incidents affect me, either directly. This award-winning piece was produced while I was in a pensive frame of mind, considering the above, but my underlying thought while I was working on it was that I wanted to make it a statement of the fact that the advertising industry is still alive and kicking.


Hiroshi Yonemura
Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1962. Graduated from Kanazawa College of Arts in '85. That year, he entered Hakuhodo Inc., working in the 3rd. creative division. Award he has received include; Tokyo ADC Prize, New York ADC Gold Prize. He is a member of Tokyo ADC.