Tokyo TDC Annual Awards 2008 Type Design Prize : JIYU KOBO & Osamu Torinoumi
2008 Award Winners

Yu Minchotai R, Yutsuki Shogo Gothic Kana W6 W7 W8 W9, Yutsuki Midashi Minchotai, Yutsuki Shogo Kana, Yu Kyokashotai M

I am very happy to hear that weI have received the Tokyo TDC Type Design PrizeAward, especially since all five fonts are recognized with this award. After creating the Hiragino series weI developed these new fonts as company fonts. I believe this award is given not for specific fonts, but as recognition of the attitude of the company, JIYU KOBO that strives to create new fonts. WeI will continue to seriously work on characters and endeavor to create new fonts in the future. Thank you very much.

JIYU KOBO & Osamu Torinoumi

JIYU KOBO Ltd. was founded in 1989 by Tsutomu Suzuki, Osamu Torinoumi and Keiichi Katada. Torinoumi has been the executive president since Suzuki’s death in 1998. The company has developed more than 40 typefaces including Hiragino series and Koburina Gothic for Dai Nippon Screen MFG, and their own Yu Fonts Library. They were awarded the 1st Keinosuke Sato Award in 2002 and the Good Design Award in 2005 with the Hiragino series. They started the sale of Yu Gothic family L and H in January, 2008.